Business owner Grant Botma knows financier offices aren’t traditionally respected for their comforts.

Cold, steely looks often come to mind and tend to dominate the workplace world, separating employees and clients from the energizing buzz of nature as soon as the building’s oversized doors close behind them. Grant Botma wanted experiences in his office to be anything but uncomfortable for clients. Seizing an opportunity to create something special, he asked Unclad Grain to craft a table that gave reprieve from the usual sterile office milieu. A conference room is where lives change and Botma needed a table that could support the heart of a business. Botma’s idea of “money well rooted,” echoes in the finished Unclad Grain table that’s proudly displayed, used, and admired daily.

Step inside Botma’s conference room at Stewardship and you’ll receive a unique experience that mixes Unclad Grain’s use of natural materials seamlessly with the inner-workings of a busy company. As Founder of Stewardship Mortgage, Insurance, Financial, and Planning, Botma’s passion is serving his clients and showing them their capacity for growth not just in finances, but in their day-to-day. Now, Botma makes new connections and closes deals on a high gloss white granite table top that adorns a natural wood base, an elegant yet subtle detail that leans on contemporary but plays with the familiar. Below, sturdy, raw wooden legs twist at your feet, exposing the table’s humble beginnings and reminding you to stay grounded and harmonious (maybe use the word “rooted”, their moto is “money well rooted” and that was the idea behind using the tree stumps.), with the earth, even when business is involved, or maybe especially when business is involved.

Unclad Grain fashioned not just Stewardship’s conference table, built bountiful planters, wooden shelving, and a raw wood reception desk, greeting visitors with a warmth usually reserved for the closest of families. The work culls from a time forgotten, but is exceptionally modern and distinctly Unclad Grain.