Steve Sossaman’s family is deeply rooted in Arizona and its historic western culture.

A fourth generation farmer in Queen Creek, Sossaman asked Unclad Grain for a conference table large enough to hold a meeting of the minds yet humble enough to sit graciously between uses.

If that seems unabashedly modern, it might be because Sossaman doesn’t look like a farmer and his offices might be welcoming and bright, but they are decidedly not quaint the way one might imagine a hundred year old farm to be.

This is not by accident. Sossaman takes great pride in his heritage and designed his office in like, showcasing both Arizona culture and an appreciation for being a part of something bigger within the folds of his state’s storied cloth. His historic family farm bucks trends and takes a preservation-meets-innovation approach to business, reinventing itself when necessary. Sossaman wanted the Unclad Grain table he commissioned to be a reflection of that. The one-of-a kind structure would become the focal point of the conference room and a quiet place where Sossaman and his family could carve out new moments in time as they shape their next hundred years.

Much like the physical farm itself which has gone through many iterations in order to become what it is today, the materials used for the table have been revisioned into something sturdy and functional. The new conference table speaks quietly of the past in a language that’s boldly present with a form built entirely from found, restored pieces of wood that once housed a dairy Sossaman’s grandmother had on the property. Old farming equipment, frozen in time and sitting unused, has been retooled and reborn as the modern support that holds the signature piece together.

Meticulously built on-site by hand with sweat, tears determination, and love, the table is preserving a time honored tradition of craftsmanship that is often overlooked for ease and convenience, but finds itself at the very core of the Unclad Grain philosophy.